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The Sustainable Humboldt Innovative Futures Trust (SHIFT) is a fund generated from student fees that focuses on creating a more sustainable campus by implementing projects inspired by student ideas. This fund used to be called HEIF (from 2007 - 2023). In 2024, the name "HEIF" was retired and formally replaced with SHIFT- or the Sustainable Humboldt Innovative Futures Trust. The change of name, along with changes to the purpose, vision, and values statements were made to better represent what the fund had been consistently doing for many years. To see the formal reccomendation approved spring 2023, click here and read on below.

Notable projects this fund has paid for in its liftime include the installation of photovoltaic solar panels on top of Music A building, hydration stations that can be found all around campus, compost bins, and multiple lighting projects, among many others. See our full list of projects here.  


In 2024, HEIF has become SHIFT:

Formal name change:

Sustainable Humboldt Innovative Futures Trust (SHIFT)

Revised purpose statement:

With funds made up of student fee money, SHIFT supports, coordinates, and implements innovative campus sustainability projects.

New vision statement: 

SHIFT accomplishes its purpose by advancing student ideas that promote sustainable modes of transportation, increase clean energy generation and efficiency, increase water conservation, restore habitat, promote social/environmental/food justice, and reduce waste. Portions of the fund also support education and behavior change initiatives, student aid, and student internships.

New values statements:

  • Student Involvement: SHIFT will incorporate students heavily in the governance of decision making by ensuring a majority of Committee voting seats are held by students and by utilizing strong student involvement in projects. SHIFT should encourage projects that originate from and align with curricular and academic projects. 

  • Innovation: Projects funded and implemented by SHIFT should advance beyond the current standards, codes, permitting requirements, and safety conditions mandated by the state, the CSU, the campus, or other regulatory agencies. 

  • Sustainability: SHIFT will rely on the Cal Poly Humboldt definition of sustainability established by the Humboldt Advisory Committee on Sustainability (HACS) in 2018 as follows “Sustainability is the recognition that humanity is a part of the natural world, not separate from it, and that healthy social and economic systems depend on the health and resilience of ecological systems.” 

  • Accountability & Transparency: SHIFT will publish and disseminate information regarding opportunities for student involvement, budget, and aspects of project success and failure through a variety of media.

  • Assessment & Measuring Success: SHIFT will utilize consistent methods and protocols at routine milestones for measuring and reporting quantitative and qualitative results from projects and publish these findings on the website. 

  • Justice: SHIFT aims to promote projects that address social, environmental, and food justice issues on campus and to be equitable in recruiting diverse involvement at all levels of project management. 

HEIF Idea Paper Video

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