Sustainability Projects

Project Photo Category Status Students Involved with Project Total Funding Years
CCAT Chickens This image displays a sign with the phrase "Welcome to CCAT" and directions to other locations on CCAT property in front of two large buildings and passing students Misc, Resources for Students, Waste Management/Diversion Active: Construction Natalie Luna $10,000 2024-Present
Jacoby Creek Forest Carbon Inventory Map denoting the Jacoby Creek property owned by Cal Poly Humboldt Landscape, Research, Misc Active: Implementation Alan Cooper, Destiny Rivera, Iona Mahoney-Moyer, Zachary Jones $61,453 2024- present
Green Space Pocket Prairies pictured is an example of a pocket prairie. The lawn in front of the house has a mixture of grasses, shrubs, and flowers. Landscape Active: Planning and Design Carter Daniel, Jack McCain $23,000 2024- present
OZZI Behavior & Barriers Research example of an early model of an ozzi container, rectangular in shape with a band describing not to throw it away and instead return to dining services. Behavior Change Campaigns, Resources for Students, Waste Management/Diversion, Misc Active: Research Austin McAskill $6,000 2024
Place Based Learning Practices Place based education principles Education, Research, Social Justice Active: Research Karley Rojas $19,500 2023-present
Truck for OhSNAP! A white large truck on black pavement in front of a blue sky and city skyline Campus Collaborations, Resources for Students Completed/Installed Michelle Long $29,608 2023-2024
Indigenous Foods Festival Photo from previous indigenous foods festival of the information tables Education, Social Justice, Resources for Students Completed/Installed Cory Kragness, Kalani Ortiz $20,000 2023-2024
Recycled Plastic for 3D Printers pictured is a filament spool used for 3D Printers Waste Management/Diversion Active: Planning and Design Ethan LeVering $10,000 2023- present
Generation Conscious Laundry Refill Stations Pictured is an example of a Generation Conscious refill station, cuboidal in shape with a tie dye front Resources for Students, Waste Management/Diversion Active: Planning and Design Emily Chao $4,000 2023- present
Campus Food Forest illustration depicting the various items that contribute to a food forest. Landscape, Research, Campus Collaborations, Resources for Students, Misc Active: Research Danika Zikas, Christina Giltzow, Heather Davis, Ana Sofia, Velarde Chong, Kamomikea Logsdon, Quinn Whisman, Brianna Myrick, Stella Baumstone $5,000 2023- present
Intercollegiate Climate Conference room is Science B 133, with 6 rows and a screen at the front of the room, typically hosting conferences Behavior Change Campaigns, Education, Campus Collaborations On Hold Mason Rewerts, Zachary Meyer $5,000 2023- present
CCAT Reclamation Station Revamp Misc, Resources for Students, Waste Management/Diversion Completed/Installed Maddy Hunt, Nicole Suzuki, Kristina Fiebig $2,000 2023- 2024
Replacement of Rubber Crumb Turf three photos showing how the rubber crumb has migrated from the fields to the drains and edges of the field Waste Management/Diversion Completed/Installed Hannah Dominguez, Alonzo Mora $2500 2023
Support for ADPI MENA Resources for Students On Hold Nicole Suzuki $3,500 2023
Fix CCAT M.E.O.W. interior of the CCAT MEOW, a medium sized trailor with two bikes and a blue and pink mural on the wall Efficiency Upgrades, Resources for Students Completed/Installed Alex Buangsuwon $1,500 2023
Climate Resilient Landscaping pictured is climate resilient landscape outside of Founders Hall, featuring native plants. Landscape Active: Construction Shaye Grant $50,000 2022-present
Support for OhSNAP! Pop Up Thrift A flyer from 2024 listing the date and time of OhSNAP!'s Pop-up thrift store Campus Collaborations, Misc, Resources for Students, Waste Management/Diversion Completed/Installed Dev Fields $32,000 2022-2023
Black Educational Farm Program Education, Resources for Students On Hold $8,000 2022- present
JVD Lighting Upgrades Photo shows the John Van Duzer Theater stage and seating. Campus Collaborations, Efficiency Upgrades, Lighting Upgrades Completed/Installed Amaya DeShasier $80,000 2022- 2024
Food Summit Image shows students talking with community food organizations at the Summit kick off event on the Cal Poly Humboldt quad on April 6, 2022. Education, Social Justice, Campus Collaborations, Resources for Students Completed/Installed Darin Torres, Liszet Burgueño $29,100 2021-2022
Bicycle Shelter- XHF040 Image shows rectangle glass storage room with domed roof. Transportation On Hold Justin Delgado, Liszet Burgueño $120,000 2021- present
Ethnobotanical Map Image shows a screen capture of the campus footprint with small green icons showing locations of plants. There is a pop up for one pin that has been clicked on the left hand side of the page showing a photo of thimbleberry. Education, Research, Social Justice, Campus Collaborations Completed/Installed Josefina Barrantes, Zeen Vincent, Sandra Zepeda, Karley Rojas $19,500 2021- 2023
NAS Food Sovereignty Lab XPL265 Campus Collaborations, Misc, Resources for Students Completed/Installed Amanda McDonald $80,000 2020- 2024
E-Bike for WRRAP- XHF039 Photo shows three wheeler Radburro E-Bike with storage space that was chosen for implementation. Campus Collaborations, Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed Austen Thibault, Jay Ryan, Aneika Perez, Toni Castillo $9,000 2019-2020
Greenspace Management- XHF038 pictured is before and after the lawn conversion at the NW HGH lawns. Misc, Waste Management/Diversion Completed/Installed Jason Patrick Marcus Reid, Melissa D. Savage, Jacob Gellatly $35,000 2019- 2020
Fume Hood Measures pictured is an unused fume hood storing a blue tub above cabinets labeled "acid". Behavior Change Campaigns, Efficiency Upgrades Active: Research Jennifer Barranco Rendon, Alex Eckert-Ross, Ernesto Silva $8,000 2019
FSH Fisheries Pumps- XHF033 Pictured is the new replacement fish pump on a concrete base outside of the hatchery. Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed Michael Academia $107,387 2018-2021
CCAT Mini-Split Heat Pump- XHF034 A woodstove in the CCAT common room served as the only source of space heating in the building as of 2019 Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed Anh Bui, McKenna Rayburn, Ben Nyugen, Gianna Spinosa Tesoro $79,409.00 2018-2021
SRC Field House LED Lights- XHF036 Existing conditions of the field house lights Lighting Upgrades Completed/Installed Evan Gamman, Kainalu Asam, Tran Huyen (Sky) Pham $85,000 2018-2021
Building Level Heat Pump Design - XHF037 Harry Griffith Hall, one of the buildings on Humboldt campus Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed Xavier Hernandez, Craig Mitchel, Christina Ortega $24,910 2018-2021
Marine Lab LED Retrofit- XHF029 Classroom at Telonicher Marine Lab Efficiency Upgrades, Lighting Upgrades Completed/Installed Toni Castillo, Tran Huyen Phan, David Gould $22,870.18 2017-2022
Shower Behavior Change- XHF026 two monitoring devices, one shower head that changes color while running, the other device is a screen with a timer and an animated polar bear on an ice berg that shrinks as the shower runs Behavior Change Campaigns, Resources for Students Completed/Installed Eduardo Valenzuela, Ty Muhovich, Cassidy Barrientos, Cody Hennings $7,221 2017-2020
Streetlight LED Upgrade- XHF028 Lighting Upgrades Completed/Installed Derek Ichien, Ty Muhovic, Josiah Norton, McKenna Rayburn $47,341 2017-2020
HEIF Film- XHF027 close up of two students trying out a new HEIF water bottle filling station with the HEIF logo in the foreground Misc, Resources for Students On Hold Adam Hayes, Erin McDonnald $13,000 2017-2019
FAC MGMT Earth Tub Cover- XHF035 Existing conditions of the Earth Tub: covered by a gray tarp and weighed down by bricks and some other objects Campus Collaborations Defunded Diana Orozco, McKenna Rayburn, Ben Nyugen, Gianna Spinosa Tesoro $10,000 2016-present
Smart parking- XHF032 one of the busy Humboldt parking lots on a sunny day Efficiency Upgrades, Resources for Students On Hold Aisha Cissna, Michael Ramirez, Amanda Lagasca, Ty Muhovich $66,000 2016-present
JGC & KA Daylight Harvesting- XHF023 Lighting Fixtures in the J Dining Commons 2017 Lighting Upgrades Defunded James Jeon, McKenna Rayburn, Jessica Solomon $8,800 2016-2024
CCAT Water Heater Replacement- XHF019 welcome sign at the CCAT building Campus Collaborations, Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed Austin Anderson, Solomon Clark, Bryann Allen, Alyssa Marquez, Akash Dixit $19,460.80 2016-2021
SERC PV Array Supplement- XHF017 aerial view of the Schatz Center with PV array on the roof Solar Completed/Installed Jake Rada, Patrick Hassett, Natalie Rynne, Jake Rada, Lowen Hobbs $34,984 2016-2019
Exterior Compost Bins- XHF020 Resources for Students, Waste Management/Diversion Completed/Installed Shohei Morita, Tessa Lance $14,000 2016-2017
Water Filling Stations- XHF031 four reusable water bottles lined up on a ledge Resources for Students, Waste Management/Diversion Defunded Meredith Garrett, Emily Johnson, Megan Moore $20,760 2016- 2024
Campus Wall- XHF018 screenshot of the Campus Wall website Campus Collaborations, Waste Management/Diversion Defunded Tessa Lance, Anne Maher $2,400 2016- 2023
Sci D Interior Lighting Upgrade- XHF030 Outside view of Science D building Lighting Upgrades Completed/Installed Zander Kurnizki, Danielle Stepien, Amanda Ramirez-Sebree, Andrea Calleros $16,000 2015-2024
Housing Lighting LED Retrofit- XHF022 existing conditions: lollipop head lighting fixtures outside of Jolly Giant Commons. Lighting Upgrades Completed/Installed Aisha Cissna, Matthew Ware, Jacob Rowe, Sarah Shaghasi $39,000 2015-2021
Music Art Lighting LED Retrofit- XHF024 exiting lighting fixtures, before retrofit Lighting Upgrades Completed/Installed Molly Daly, Delia Bense­Kang, Friedel Pretorius, Jessica Solomon $69,864 2015- 2021
Restroom Hand Dryer Retrofit- XHF025 illustration of the dyson hand dryer, which dries hands when they are inserted into a slit at the top of the machine Waste Management/Diversion Defunded Bryce Goldstein $20,000 2014- 2024
Green Workplace Equipment- XHF021 Picture shows a smart power strip Campus Collaborations, Efficiency Upgrades Defunded Rachel Londer $7,440.86 2014- 2024
Cold Water Laundering Program- XHF014 Informational poster for cold water laundering Behavior Change Campaigns Completed/Installed John Lococo $2,495 2013-2020
Bi-Level LED Walkway- XHF011 Lighting Upgrades Defunded Kenneth L. Osia, Melissa Lancaster 0 2013-2019
Greenhouse HVAC Retrofit- XHF013 existing conditions rusty pipes and machinery Efficiency Upgrades Defunded Leabeth Peterson, Jessica Jewett, Jocelyn Gwynn $60,777 2013- 2024
Green Workplace Assessment- XHF010 Image shows the yellow Energy Guide sticker for an energy efficient refrigerator from 2013. Campus Collaborations, Efficiency Upgrades Defunded Jenna Bader, John Lococo $20,000.00 2013- 2024
Lighting Control Pilot Project- XHF015 Lighting Upgrades Defunded Karen Kniel, Kenneth Osia $4,500 2013 - 2024
Zimride Ride Sharing Program- XHF001 "Splitting gas at mile 1 and splitting the chorus at mile 101." Two women smiling in a car on a sunny day. Resources for Students, Transportation Completed/Installed Brietta Linney, Danielle Ballard $25,000 2012-2015
Reusable Dishware- XHF008 Open reusable to-go box Waste Management/Diversion Completed/Installed Jesse Shrader, Adrienne Spitzer $35,450 2012-2014
HArt- XHF009 attendees engaging in a live art demonstration that focused on plastic water bottle waste Campus Collaborations Completed/Installed Juliene Sinclair, Ashley Mobley $5,293 2012-2014
Nat Res Retrofit Air Handler- XHF003 Existing Conditions of the old air handler. Some fume exhaust fans appear to have their stacks modified. Efficiency Upgrades Defunded Nicholas Riedel $30,000 2012- 2024
SBS Retrofit- XHF005 Efficiency Upgrades Defunded Shira Wedemeyer $2750 2011-2014
Marine Lab Seawater Recir Syst- XHF004 Small octopus on the upper right corner of its tank. Previous Conditions around 2011 Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed Chhimii Dorji, Taylor Edwards, Ryan Gustafson, Zach Johnson $9,631 2010-2013
IT Server Virtualization Campus Collaborations, Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed James Robinson, Devin Fredericksen, Nolan Kloer $20,000 2010-2011
Fulkerson Hall Replace Lights- XHF006 new lights inside of Fulkerson Hall above the main stage Lighting Upgrades Completed/Installed Laudie Jamois $37,937 2009-2013
Hand Dryers two hands resting downwards inside of a Dyson hand dryer Waste Management/Diversion Completed/Installed Juliene Wintermute, James Robinson, Kira Rose $8,900 2009-2010
Relamp Library aisle between colorful book cases inside of the library Lighting Upgrades Completed/Installed Fred McNeal, Meg Harper, Luke Scheidler, Maxime Tanti $5,291 2009-2010
Relight Redwood Bowl Lighting Upgrades Completed/Installed Kale Roberts, Jamila Ghoul, Sarah Schneider $259,770 2009-2009
Sci D E HVAC System Upgrade- XHF007 Efficiency Upgrades Completed/Installed Blair Kinser, Peter Johnstone, James Robinson IV $137,538 2008-2015
Old Music PV- XHEF071 Music building with solar panels on a foggy day Solar Completed/Installed Kristen Radecsky, Peter Johnstone, James Robinson, Nathan Chase $94,943 2008-2009
SoRMS Upgrade- XHEF072 students doing a maintenance check on SoRMS in 2018 Campus Collaborations Completed/Installed Andrea Allen, Juliette Bohn, James Apple, Colin Sheppard $2,901 2008-2009
Waste Diversion Receptacles- XHF002 Resources for Students, Waste Management/Diversion Completed/Installed Kathleen Robinson, Emily Creegan, Nicholas Tringale, Stacie Bartram $3,759 2008-2009
CCAT Solar Thermal Campus Collaborations, Solar Completed/Installed Danielle Ladimir, Jeff Steuben $16,643 2007-2009